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A-Frame Sheds

10x12 A-Frame Storage Shed with Ramp and Grey Paint with White Siding

Our A-Frame Sheds are a long time Horizon best seller and it's also the most popular. If you are looking for a practical, low cost shed, here is the winner! Named for it's roof line, our a-frame shed measures approximately 10' high at the peak. This A-Frame Shed is the base model for our Hip Roof, Dormer and Garden shed models. And get ready... because it also comes with 2 18"x17"screened windows and a double door.

Body Tabs

  • Painted LP Smartside Wood Siding with Silver Tech
  • 2 - 18"x27" Windows with Screens
  • Double Hinged Door with Locking Latch
  • Diamond-plate Aluminum Floor Guard by Door Opening

UPGRADE: All the above features PLUS…

  • 2 - 24"x27" Windows with Screens
  • 2 Pair of Shutters
  • Wood Window & Corner Trim
  • 2 Arched Gable Vents

UPGRADE on Garden Shed: All the garden shed features PLUS…

  • 6 - 24"x27" Windows with Screens*
  • *4 Windows on Back Wall
  • Window Trim
  • 69"x30" Sky Light
  • 2'w x 8'l Work Bench
  • 2 - 24"x36" Windows with Screens
  • 2 Pair of Shutters
  • Window Trim
  • Double Transom Windows Above Doors
  • 2 Arched Gable Vents
  • Hurricane Ties Securing Rafters to Wall

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All of our A-frame sheds are made with high quality wood and the Amish touch to make it last. Our sheds are known for their durability and style year over year. Our A-frame 10-foot shed is a company favorite for being stylish and customizable. We always have sheds for sale, but like to keep simple, so you don't have to think too much! It's a custom shed, not open heart surgery!

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