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Mega Garages

Mega Garage with Vinyl Siding and Overhang

More space. More space. And even MORE SPACE! Who doesn't want more space?

We’ve maxed out our pre-fab garage product line with our colossal new "Mega Garage." Absolutely the most space you can purchase in a modular, prefab garage with apartment package.

Two FULL floors of wide open space just waiting to be put to use as storage, work area, home office, garage apartment... you name it!

Did we mention you can park your car, SUV or truck in the lower level?

Body Tabs

  • Vinyl Siding with 1/2" Wood Sheeting
  • 36" Insulated House Door with Arched Glass
  • 2 Solid Steel Insulated Overhead 9x8 Doors
  • Diamond-plate Aluminum Floor Guard by Door Openings
  • Pent Roof Over Garage Doors
  • Full Wooden Staircase with Hand Rail
  • 8'6" to 9' Ceiling Height
  • Second Floor: 8 - 24"x36" Insulated Windows with Screens & Shutters
  • 8' Ceiling Height
  • Full Length Ridge Vent
  • Vented Soffit
  • 2 Arched Garden Shed Vents


Pre-fab Modular Garage Kit:

We build the "shell" you finish the inside or use it "as is"

Mega Garage Drive InMega Garage Space CheckMega Garage Drive In

This extra large garage with apartment has more than enough room to open your vehicle doors and move around comfortably inside the building.

See Below our Mega Garage Video!


Height CheckThe lower level has a towering 9' ceiling height. With this new two story garage we've incorporated the LVL beam construction as STANDARD to maximize the interior clear span. This has allowed us to pare down the support walls to a very skinny 1’-2’ each on garages up to 24' in length. On larger garages, you’re still guaranteed a 24' clear center span.


As with all our 2-story garages, the steps are full-sized and securely placed. No ladders or pull-down stairs here. The staircase includes a rock-solid wooden handrail with wooden balusters. The handrail encloses the opening where the stairs come through the floor for increased safety and prevents items (and people!) from accidently falling over the edge.

See list of options


Lower Level of Mega GarageOn-Site set up time for this extra large garage is only about 1 to 2 days!!!

The second floor has a lofty 8' ceiling height creating a cavernous expanse for...

  • Storage
  • Workshop
  • Studio
  • Shore House
  • Hunting Cabin
  • Living Quarters

 This incredible garage with living quarters has one more amazing option... Have us install 5/8" plywood flooring in the truss center for a 3rd floor crawl space storage area. Access comes with a set of pull down stairs. Upgrade to a 6-pitch attic truss to squeeze out every last inch of available space.


Mega Garage with a Wooden Floor
With a wooden floor.
Garage Upper Level
Hand rail encloses stairs for safety

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All square footage of this gigantic garage is FULLY USABLE – Nothing is lost to the roof slope.



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