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Elite Tan with Red Kennel

A Horizon Structures pre-built outdoor dog house kennel is the perfect way for you and your pet, show or working dogs to safely enjoy time outdoors. Whether you're looking for dog kennels, dog pens, or custom dog houses, we've got the best prices and options to customize the perfect outdoor dog structure you're looking for!

This dog house kennel is NOT a Kit.  Ready to use as soon as we unload it.

The outdoor dog kennels shown here are a just few examples of what we can do.  If you have something else in mind, please contact us for a FREE No Obligation quote!  We can design our custom dog houses for sale to meet your exact needs.



Things to consider when buying an outdoor dog kennel...


Dog House Do's

  • Do have a shingled, wood roof to reduce the sun's heat and maintain adequate heat retention
  • Do have a door to the dog's box for the cold months
  • Do raise the doghouse off the ground for better temperature control and to deter flea infestation
  • Do use bedding such as cedar shavings or a dense foam pad that is moisture-proof so fleas can't penetrate
  • Do include a roof or awning over the dog run for extra shade and protection from severe weather
  • Do provide your dog with a wood structure as wood is the best insulator known to man

Dog House Don'ts

  • Don't purchase a dog house that is too big for your dog - especially in colder climates
  • Don't put your dog in a plastic house. It's too cold in winter and too hot in summer
  • Don't leave dog house door closed during hot months. Either remove or tie open doors of dog pen to increase interior ventilation
  • Don't place kennel directly on the ground where moisture or excessive cold is present
  • Don't use carpet, fabric, straw, towels or blankets for bedding in dog houses. Body heat, moisture and darkness will attract fleas, ticks and fungus!

Outdoor Dog House Kennel Styles and Layouts

Important Note!
8' wide "Elite" building dimension (roof edge to roof edge) is approximately 8'6".  Outdoor dog kennel structure is approximately 7'6" at base.



10x16 Kennel

Capacity: 4

  • Board & Batten Siding
  • "Cedar" Stain
  • "Charcoal" Shingles
  • (4) 4x6 Runs
  • (4) 4x4 Boxes
  • Two Windows

Shown with the following options:  deluxe dog doors, electrical package & 24x36 screened windows

Ask anyone contemplating outdoor accommodations for their dogs and you’ll find as many reasons for making this choice as there are different breeds of dogs.  However, one thing’s for certain, whether you have working dogs, show dogs, rescues, hunting dogs, family pets or mothers with pups – ALL dog owners and handlers want the same things for their animals:  a living space that is safe, secure, clean, comfortable and protected from the elements. Here’s where Horizon Structures prefab dog kennels excel. We offer the perfect solution to the canine housing challenge.

Providing your dog a Horizon Structures prefab kennel is the next best thing to keeping him in the house with you.  That’s because we use building methods and materials and that are similar, if not identical, to those used in building your home.

Starting from the ground up, your new pre-fab kennel is built to last.  Pressure treated 4x4s keep the structure from coming into direct contact with the ground.  They also create an airspace under the building which resists moisture and insect damage and minimizes dampness inside the building.  Above this foundation, pressure-treated 2x4 floor joists spaced 16” on center make the kennel quite sturdy and MORE than capable of bearing the weight of all the kennel fixtures plus you, your dogs and any equipment and supplies you put inside.

10x16 Kennel12x22 6 Box Kennel Back12x22 6 Box Kennel Back

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12x26 Box Kennel

Capacity: 7

  • "Clay" Paint
  • "Hunter Green" Trim
  • "Weatherwood" Shingles

Shown with the following upgrades:   (4) 24'' dog doors & 24x36 screened windows

The 5/8” Smartfloor is manufactured using a treated wood stand technology that produces exceptional durability as well as resistance to fungal decay and insect damage.  To further enhance dog-friendliness, we cover the entire interior floor of the kennel – dog boxes AND the feed alley/walkway - with a seamless, durable and waterproof polyurea coating

What is polyurea and why do you want it in your custom dog kennel? The properties of this product match up so well with the wear and tear a dog can put on its living space and your efforts and desire to maintain it as a safe, clean and comfortable environment that we simply couldn’t have chosen a more perfect material.

12x26 Box Kennel12x22 6 Box Kennel Back

12x26 Box Kennel Layout


14x32 8-Box Kennel

Capacity: 8

  • Board & Batten Siding
  • "Red" Paint
  • "White" Trim
  • "Bronze" Metal Roof

Shown with optional metal roof, painted trim, drains, 24x36 screened windows & 24'' dog door

Polyurea is an ideal floor coating for our pre-built dog kennels because of these properties:

  • Seamless, durable, waterproof rubberized plastic
  • Stretchy & malleable with the ability to “self heal” small areas of damage
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Superior tensile strength
  • Outstanding adherence
  • Works well in a wide range of temperature and humidity environments
  • Slip resistant
  • Non-toxic
14x32 8-Box Kennel14x32 8-Box Kennel Back

14x32 8-Box Kennel Layout


12x22 6-Box Kennel

Capacity: 6

  • "Chestnut" Paint
  • "Black" Trim
  • "Charcoal" Shingles

Shown with optional 11-Lite pre-hung door, 23x36 double pane, screened windows & raised floor inside & out.

Under the floor, an R-7 spray foam insulation adds yet another level of protection against mold and moisture.  It creates an air tight / water tight barrier - that completely eliminates drafts - with little to no deterioration over the life of the building.  Additionally, this tightly sealing insulation encapsulates radiant floor heat pipes should you choose this upgrade. 

What about the flooring outside the kennel?  There are many choices for dog run surfaces.  Most common are concrete or gravel.  While concrete is easy to clean, the freeze/thaw cycle may cause it to crack, buckle and break over time.  Additionally, it may cause callouses, worn pads, splayed toes or painful joints for dogs.  Gravel is difficult – if not impossible – to hose off and keep clean and may encourage dogs to dig.  These problems are a ‘non-issue’ with a Horizon Structures pre-built dog kennel where the dog run is part of the overall structure. 


12x22 6 Box Kennel14x32 8-Box Kennel Back

12x22 6-Box Kennel Layout


12x18 Triple Kennel

Capacity: 3

  • "Beige" Paint
  • "Black" Trim
  • "Charcoal" Shingles
  • White Insulated Fiberglass Door with Keyed Lock

Shown with optional drain & 24x36 screened windows

The floors of our dog runs are made of 1” x 6” PVC decking.  This material is non-absorbent and easy to clean.  Hose it, scrub it or sweep it.  Water runs off and it dries quickly.  Our construction ensures no exposed edges which eliminates chewing.  And, it’s virtually impossible for dogs to dig through.  The properties of the material insure it’s cooler in summer and warmer in winter.  An all-around better choice for dogs!

The prefab dog kennel structure itself is quality from the inside out.  Standard siding choices include 7/16” LP Smartside or natural pine.  Whether natural or manufactured, both siding choices make the most of wood’s natural insulating properties (Compare HERE).  LP Smartside is strong and durable.  It resists dents, cracks, warping, fungal rot, decay and termites.  It is very low maintenance and comes painted.  You choose siding and trim colors from our list of popular choices.  The number of trim/siding color combinations is endless and sure to match any home and/or outbuildings already on your property.

See paint siding/trim color choices HERE.


12x18 Triple Kennel12x18 Triple Kennel Back

12x18 Triple Kennel Layout


12x24 Kennel

Capacity: 4

  • LP Smartside Siding
  • "Buckskin" Siding
  • "White" Trim
  • "Charcoal" Shingles
  • 4  Screened Windows

Shown with optional deluxe dog doors.

The pine siding is a 100% natural product and available with either a board & batten or tongue & groove finish. This dog house for sale is a great choice for those interested in a more rustic appearance. Stain is included and we have a number of colors to choose from.  See stain colors HERE.

Both LP Smartside and pine siding are comparable in performance and longevity.  Don’t like any of our colors?  We are able to color match either paint or stain for a small upcharge.  Looking for NO MAINTENANCE?  Metal (view color choices HERE) and vinyl siding (view color choices HERE) upgrades are also available!

What’s inside the kennel – and inside the walls – is just as important as what’s outside!  Our kennel side walls are approximately 6’4” high setting the stage for plenty of headroom inside.  When you factor in the space above -  a generous 6/12 pitch for ‘Traditional’ models, 7/12 pitch for ‘Elite’ models or the spacious cathedral ceiling on our commercial kennels – the overall height of the structure rises above 9 feet.  It wouldn’t be a stretch to use the word ‘cavernous’ to describe the feeling inside this prefab dog kennel.

12x24 Kennel12x24 Kennel Back
12x24 Kennel Back

8x16 Standard Double Combo

Capacity: 2

  • Board & Batten Siding
  • "Cedar" Stain

Shown with metal roof upgrade - "Green"

Wall studs are 2x4, 16” on center.  This is standard building practice for houses which means your dogs are getting a structure that is just as sound as the one you live in!  Between those studs, we put fiberglass faced batt insulation.  In addition to keeping the interior of your kennel cooler in summer and warmer in winter, it is yet another method we employ to keep moisture at bay.  This insulation offers a measure of sound control and fire protection as well in this dog pen for sale.



8x16 Standard Double Combo8x16 Standard Double Combo Back

8x16 Standard Double Combo Kennel Layout


8x14 Double Kennel

Capacity: 2

  • "Buckskin" Paint
  • "White" Trim
  • "Walnut Brown" Shingles

For a clean, finished look, we cover the studding and insulation (*both walls AND ceiling) with either Glasbord or Trusscore paneling.  The type of paneling applied depends on the size of the kennel. 

Glasbord is a fiberglass-reinforced plastic panel with an embossed finish which we apply over 1/16” OSB wood panels.  It’s used on kennels smaller than 12’ only because it is difficult to work with in larger sheets. 

We love Glasbord because:

  • It is durable and flexible
  • It will not mold, mildew, rot or corrode
  • It has excellent resistance to chemicals and moisture
  • It surpasses USDA/FSIS requirements for safety
  • It is stain resistant
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is abrasion resistant
  • Read more HERE.


8x14 Double Kennel8x14 Double Kennel Back

8x14 Double Kennel Layout


  Take a Virtual Tour of a Kennel! 

10x24 Standard Shed / Kennel Combo

Capacity: 1

  • LP Smartside Siding
  • "Buckskin" Paint
  • "Chestnut" Trim
  • "Walnut Brown" Shingles

Also available in 10x20 & 10x18. These sizes reduce the shed portion, not the kennel area.

TrussCore PVC wall and ceiling paneling is our choice for kennels larger than 12’.  It’s widely used in a multitude of applications:  car washes, food processing plants, restaurant kitchens, agricultural applications, schools, laundromats and more!

The advantages are similar to Glasbord in that it...

  • Won’t support bacterial growth
  • Won’t corrode and is resistant to most chemicals
  • Is virtually maintenance free – just wipe it clean
  • Is HIGHLY resistant to moisture and mold
  • Read more HERE

Either way, these gleaming white panel systems keep your kennel dry, sanitary and bright inside.  Which means happy, healthy dogs!

10x24 Standard Shed / Kennel Combo10x24 Standard Shed / Kennel Combo Back

10x24 Standard Shed / Kennel Combo Layout


8x14 Standard Kennel

Capacity: 1

  • Board & Batten Siding
  • "Walnut Brown" Shingles
  • "Chestnut" Painted Door

Shown with optional Vent-Lite door

The sky’s the limit if you’ve got a good roof!  And each and every kennel we build definitely has a good roof.  The quality of our roof extends well beyond the kennel building reaching out to completely cover the dog runs on most of our kennels.  4x4 pressure-treated wood posts support the sturdy roof extension which incorporates a double 2x4 header to increase load bearing.  You’ll love the covered runs as your dogs have year-round shade and protection from the elements, while they’re enjoying the fresh air outside, regardless of where you locate the kennel.

8x14 Standard Kennel8x14 Standard Kennel Back

8x14 Standard Kennel Layout


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8x12 Standard Kennel

Capacity: 1

  • "Red "Paint
  • "Navajo White" Trim
  • "Walnut Brown" Shingles

Our kennel roof construction consists of:

We chose asphalt shingles for their insulating properties (heat, cold and sound).  Additionally, since most homes have a shingle roof, your kennel will blend seamlessly into your property creating a consistent, UNIFORM look rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.  However, a metal roof upgrade (with plenty of colors to choose from) is available for those who prefer it.

8x12 Standard Kennel8x12 Standard Kennel Back

8x12 Standard Kennel Layout


8x12 Kennel

Capacity: 1

  • Board & Batten Siding
  • "Natural" Stain
  • "Weatherwood" Shingles

As with any worthwhile project or undertaking, it’s the attention to detail that raises a Horizon Structures prefab dog kennel heads (and tails!) above the rest…

Our standard insulated fiberglass “man” door is simple and straightforward.  It has a keyed latch and is more than adequate to do the job.  However, if you prefer a door with a window, we have a number of upgrades available.  You can also opt to add a chain link (or welded wire) panel door behind the standard “man” door for a dog-proof ‘screen door’ effect.


8x12 Kennel8x12 Kennel Back

8x12 Kennel Layout


8x10 Kennel

Capacity: 1

  • LP Smartside Siding
  • "White" Paint
  • "Black" Trim
  • "Charcoal" Shingles

More options are available for our dog doors.  The standard dog door connecting the indoor “box” to the outdoor run is 17” wide x 20” high with other sizes available depending on your breed's requirements.  The door is mounted with a side hinge and consists of aluminum edging and a clear plexi-glass door panel (with an aluminum flange on the run side).  From inside the kennel, dogs simply push on the door to go out to the dog run.  With some tasty treats and a little training, any dog can easily learn to nudge to door open using the flange to get back inside.  Or, you may choose to upgrade to our “deluxe” dog door  which is double hinged on the top and easily swings both ways with a simple push on the door panel.

Depending on the size/breed of your dog, you may need to go with a larger or smaller dog door.  We have 5 sizes (including the standard door) ranging from 10”x 15” to 17” x 30”.  Check out this handy chart to help determine which size is best for your dog.

Either way, the proven design of our dog doors reduces drafts and is chew-proof and weather-proof as well.

Each prefab dog kennel also includes a screened window.  The window on our ‘Traditional’ kennels is an 18”x24” single pane (18”x27” for ‘Elite’ models).  The commercial models include a double-paned 24”x36” window.  Upgrade your regular kennel to the larger (commercial) size window and/or opt for additional windows to light up the interior with the sun’s natural rays and fresh air.

8x10 Kennel8x10 Kennel Back

8x10 Kennel Layout


8x10 Kennel

Capacity: 1

  • Board & Batten Siding
  • "Rustic Cedar" Stain
  • "Walnut Brown" Shingles

Our standard kennel wire is a zinc/galvanized 11.5 gauge 2” chain link.  This is used on both the interior box and exterior run panels as well as the hinged gate panels to these areas.  This type of wire is perfectly suitable for most dogs.  If you have concerns about corrosion from dog urine, we recommend upgrading to our vinyl-coated chain link.

All wire panels are installed so there is minimal space between the bottom of the panel and the dog run or box.    Additionally, the tops of all panel frame posts are capped with a rounded metal finial so there are no exposed sharp edges. The chain link is securely fastened to the metal panel frame reducing the risk of a dog pulling it loose or pushing it up to slip underneath.  Heavy metal strapping, secured with a screw and nut, attaches the panels to the uprights of the panel frame and keeps everything tight.  This prohibits paws (or jaws!) from getting underneath, or between, and prevents injury or escape with the added benefit of keeping unwelcome ‘visitors’ from breaking in.


8x10 Kennel8x10 Kennel Back

8x10 Kennel Layout


6x8 Kennel

Capacity: 1

  • Board & Batten Siding
  • "Natural" Stain
  • "Walnut Brown" Shingles

This same screw/nut fastening mechanism secures the ‘hinge’ components of the kennel gate panels - which are made of the same wire as the kennel divider panels.  Gate panels swing both ‘in’ and ‘out’ for maximum utility and control of the dog when entering or exiting the box or run.  Gate panels are kept closed by a post-mounted butterfly latch.

The latch is mounted high on the panel making it inaccessible to most dogs.  The nature of this latch requires quite a bit of dexterity to open and close so it’s highly unlikely a dog could manage it with his mouth or paws.  When in doubt, we recommend you further secure the door with a chain and clip or padlock.

6x8 Kennel6x8 Kennel Back

6x8 Kennel Layout


4x8 Kennel

Capacity: 1

  • "Light Gray" Paint
  • "White" Trim
  • "Weatherwood" Shingles

If you have an aggressive chewer, you may want to upgrade to the 9-gauge chain link.  Some dogs are “pullers” who like the ‘give’ sensation of chain link.  For those dogs, super aggressive chewers or climbers consider upgrading to hot dipped 6-gauge galvanized welded wire.  There is no ‘give’ with this type of wire making it more difficult for teeth to grab onto.  Plus, the heavier gauge makes it virtually impossible to chew through.  Additionally, dogs with a tendency to climb are deterred by the 2” x 4” welded wire as the smaller openings do not offer a good foothold like chain link will.

4x8 Kennel4x8 Kennel Back

4x8 Kennel Layout



8x20 Shed / Kennel Combo

Capacity: 1

  • "Light Gray" Paint
  • "White" Trim
  • "Charcoal" Shingles
  • "Black" Double Doors

Shown with optional Elite gable vents and "Z" shutters

If you’re at all familiar with Horizon Structures, you know that ALL our dog houses for sale and other buildings are made-to-order. That means there’s always plenty of opportunity to customize.  Our extensive list of options makes it easier than ever to do just that.  Let’s take a look…

Most of our custom dog kennel layouts consist of a single row of kennels along one side of the building with a walkway/feed alley on the opposite side.  There are several simple reasons for this design…

  • Size limitations for over-the-road transportation of prefab buildings dictate this layout as the best way to make the most effective use of space.
  • This layout reduces the noise of dogs barking across an aisle at each other.
8x20 Shed / Kennel Combo8x20 Shed / Kennel Combo Back

8x20 Shed / Kennel Combo Layout


  Look Inside Our Stock Kennel HERE 

8x16 Double Kennel

Capacity: 2

  • LP Smartside Siding
  • "Light Gray" Paint
  • "Dark Gray" Trim
  • "Weatherwood" Shingles

Shown with optional Elite gable vents

While dogs, as social pack animals, enjoy – and benefit – from interactions with other dogs, they also need respite.  We offer the option of a solid panel between the interior dog boxes, or outside runs, to give the dog the option to retreat and not be seen by its kennel mates.

Our solid partitions are 4’ high and made of ¾” white Azek.  The standard chain link (or upgraded welded wire) makes up the area above on the kennel partition.  This preserves the air flow/ventilation and light inside the kennel.

The solid Azek panel is permanently affixed within a welded metal channel/frame.  Because it is welded in place, there are no bolts, screw, etc. to cause injury.  Azek is yet another material we’ve chosen as being “dog friendly” and ideally suited for kennels because…

  • Made of PVC
  • Resists stains, scratches, mold, and mildew
  • Easy to clean
  • Impervious to moisture and insects
  • Will not splinter
  • Use “as is” - Does not require paint
  • Read more HERE
8x16 Double Kennel8x16 Double Kennel Back

8x16 Double Kennel Layout


8x12 Kennel

Capacity: 1

  • Board & Batten Siding
  • "Cedar" Stain
  • "Forest Green" Shingles
  • "Hunter Green" Door

Show with optional Elite gable vents & vinyl posts on run

These panels create the feeling of a secure, protected “den” and are especially important for mothers with pups.  Highly excitable or dog-aggressive canines may also benefit from having an area of reduced visual stimulation and exposure to kennel mates.

The panel is positioned so there is less than 1” between the bottom of the panel and the floor reducing contact with the dog next door.  Why not just put the panel all the way down to the floor?  Allowing space facilitates better cleaning as waste and water flow to a shared kennel drain rather than building up or getting stuck against the wall.


8x12 Kennel8x12 Kennel Back

8x12 Kennel Layout


8x12 Kennel

Capacity: 1

  • LP Smartside Siding
  • "Red" Paint
  • "Beige" Trim
  • "Beige" Door
  • "Walnut Brown" Shingles

Show with optional Elite gable vents

Our Number 1 upgrade is electrical.  Having light inside is super important and extends your productive kennel time well beyond normal daylight hours.  Adding a robust electrical system makes all manner of ‘creature comforts’ available for your beloved pet, show dog or working K9.  Horizon Structures offers these popular electrical system add-ons:

You may also want to use your electrical system for clippers, dryers, a radio, small fridge, intercom… the possibilities are endless!  Although you can certainly have a local electrician install a system after your pre-built kennel is delivered, It’s so much easier to have put it in as the kennel is being built.


8x12 Kennel8x12 Kennel Back

8x12 Kennel Layout


8x10 Elite Kennel

Capacity: 1

  • LP Smartside Siding
  • "Navajo White" Siding
  • "Buckskin" Trim
  • "Walnut Brown" Shingles

Shown with optional octagon window, wooden slat shutters vinyl post covers

Our electrical systems meet NEC standards which means:

  • System is installed/inspected/signed off by a certified electrician
  • Everything is grounded
  • All wiring is in metal conduit
  • All outlets are GFI protected
  • #6 outside ground wire protection
  • As a standalone building, the kennel is protected from lightning – i.e. won’t back feed into the house (*requires onsite installation of a ground rod by local electrician doing finishing connections AFTER delivery)
  • 1 ¼” PVC conduit on 100 amp panel accessible from below for local hook-up/access point

Call our office at 888-447-4337 to discuss your kennel’s electrical needs.  One of our project managers will help you configure the proper system to handle your requirements

8x10 Elite Kennel8x10 Elite KennelBack

8x10 Elite Kennel Layout

Standard Features
  • 30 Year Architectural Shingles

    30 Year Architectural Shingles

  • Insulated Fiberglass Door

    Insulated Fiberglass Door w/ Keyed Latch

  • Single Pane Window

    18x27 (Elite) Single Pane Window w/ Screen

  • Chew Proof Doog Door

    Chew Proof Dog Door w/Aluminum Edging

  • Insulated Dog Boxes

    R-7 Insulated Dog Boxes, Interiors Lined w/ Glasboard

  • Double Doors on Shed Kennel Combos

    5' Double Doors on Shed / Kennel Combos

  • Poly Decking on Runs

    Poly Decking on Runs

Kennel Interior
Door options
  • 9 Lite Door

    9-Lite Door

  • 11 Lite Door

    11-Lite Arched Door

  • Six Panel

    Six Panel

  • Vent Lite Door

    Vent Lite Door

  • Screen Door

    Screen Door

Stain Colors
  • Brown Cedar

    Brown Cedar

  • Cedar


  • Clear


  • Natural


  • Rustic-Cedar

    Rustic Cedar

Paint Colors
  • Paint Colors Avocado


  • Paint Colors Beige


  • Paint Colors Black


  • Paint Colors Buckskin


  • Paint Colors Chestnut


  • Paint Colors Clay


  • Paint Colors Cream


  • Paint Colors Dark Gray

    Dark Gray

  • Paint Colors Dark Blue

    Dark Blue

  • Paint Colors Hunter Green

    Hunter Green

  • Paint Colors Light Blue

    Light Blue

  • Paint Colors Light Gray

    Light Gray

  • Paint Colors Navajo White

    Navajo White

  • Paint Colors Red


Metal Roofing Colors (Optional)
  • Metal Roofing - Red

    Red Metal

  • Metal Roofing - Black

    Black Metal

  • Metal Roofing - Green

    Green Metal

  • Metal Roofing - Brown

    Brown Metal

  • Metal Roofing - White

    White Metal

Shingle Colors
  • Cedar


  • Charcoal


  • Forest Green

    Forest Green

  • Nickel Gray

    Nickel Gray

  • Walnut Brown

    Walnut Brown

  • Weather Gray

    Weather Gray

  • Williamsburg Slate

    Williamsburg Slate

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Elite Dog Kennel

Elite Standard Features

  • Deluxe Trim Package
  • 18x27 Single Pane Window w/ Screen
  • LP Smartside (painted) or Board & Batten Siding (stained)
Traditional Dog Kennel

Traditional Standard Features

  • Standard Trim Package
  • 18x24 Single Pane Window w/ Screen
  • LP Smartside (painted) or Board & Batten Siding (stained)

We Make the Process Easy

Animal Wellness Magazine Stamp of Approval