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Commercial Dog Kennels

Your dogs are important. You understand the effort and time investment needed to raise happy, healthy puppies AND keep adult dogs safe and comfortable. We want to help you in providing the best housing possible for your dogs and puppies. Optimal care for your pack doesn't have to be all-consuming. This commercial dog kennel features a raised floor allows you to put heat under the indoor boxes creating a warm floor for whelping dogs and young puppies. From easy-wash surfaces, heated floors and air conditioning to hands-free watering systems - we have what you need for your dogs.

Custom dog kennels for sale are another Horizon Structures specialty. We know that every dog owner has unique needs and we cater to making a commercial dog kennel that will work for you. In keeping with today's do-it-yourself trends, we also offer supplies for the dog owner who wants to build, or refurbish, his own kennel. Our craftmanship and quality construction, along with carefully chosen accessories, upgrades and components, will insure years of performance and satisfaction.


See Our Commercial Kennels

'Elite' 10x28 Kennel

  • 3' Overhang
  • 8x10 Lobby
  • "Weatherwood" Shingles

Shown with optional 11-Lite arch door, "Sage" vinyl siding, wood trim package, welded wire panels

10x28 Elite Five Runs Kennel


10x28 Elite Five Runs Kennel
10x28 Elite Five Runs Kennel

12x48 Traditional Kennel

Capacity: 6

  • Dormer
  • Office
  • Raised Deck for Dog Runs

Shown with (optional) composite brick veneer, vinyl board & batten siding and vinyl cedar shakes on dormers.

Horizon Structures offers 2 affordable upgrades to increase the utility of your pre-fab dog kennel.  They are the Feed Room and the Loft.  What’s the difference and why would you choose one over the other?  Or, both?

Many of our larger dog kennels for sale come with a feed room already built into the design.  For those kennels that don’t, you may want to consider adding it.  To add a feed room, we convert an interior dog box area into an ‘open’ work space by removing the wire panels and dog door.  This modification accomplishes several things:

  • When you open the (interior) dog box door, the dog cannot escape the kennel if the ‘man’ door is closed.
  • You could easily use this space to add a grooming table, handy utility sink, hot water heater, feed bins, storage shelves – you name it
  • NOTE:  available for any of the kennels except the 4x8


12x48 Traditional Kennel12x48 Traditional Kennel Layout



14x32 Traditional Kennel

Capacity: 8

  • "Tan" Siding
  • "Brown" Trim
  • "Walnut Brown" Shingles

Shown with optional vinyl siding, raised panel shutters, AC unit, gable vent, exhaust fan, raised floor, welded wire panels and exterior wash down.


14x32 Traditional Kennel Layout


14x32 Traditional Kennel
14x32 Traditional Kennel Layout

15x36 Traditional Kennel

Capacity: 7

  • 6x11 Lobby
  • 7 Runs
  • "Almond" Vinyl Siding
  • "Red" Trim
  • "Charcoal" Shingles

Shown with optional 11-Lite arch doors, vinyl siding, raised panel shutters, turbine vents and 6 ga welded wire panels.


15x36 Traditional Kennel Layout


15x36 Traditional Kennel
15x36 Traditional Kennel


12x50 16-Run Traditional Kennel

Capacity: 16

  • "Barn Red" Metal Siding
  • "White" Metal Roof
  • "White" Metal Trim

Shown with 10x12 lobby, optional metal siding and metal roof.

The Loft option is a convenient way to add more storage or workspace to any custom dog kennel.  We accomplish this by reducing the full-height interior dog box to a 4’ high dog box and adding a poly ‘shelf’ or cover over it.

Use this “shelf” as a work space.  Or, use it to store food, toys and supplies.  If you run a grooming salon, boarding facility or doggie daycare, this area is a great place to keep each individual dog’s food, toys, leash, bedding, etc. organized and in close proximity to the dog it belongs to.

Another benefit of the loft is that it makes it easier for a dog to self-regulate the temperature of his “den” by reducing the size of the space.     

12x50 16 Run Traditional Kennel12x50 16 Run Traditional Kennel Layout



14x32 8-Box Traditional Kennel

Capacity: 8

  • Pine Board & Batten Siding
  • "Red" Paint
  • "White" Trim
  • "Bronze" Metal Roof

Shown with optional metal roof, painted trim, drains, 24x36 windows and 24" dog door.

If you recall, we previously discussed all the ways Horizon Structures prefab dog kennels are built to keep moisture and water OUT.  Now, we want to talk about bringing water IN… in a controlled fashion of course!  Having running water available in your kennel is not only convenient – it’s absolutely essential.  Fresh water for the dogs to drink and water for you to use in daily cleanup is vital.

14x32 8-Box Traditional Kennel14x32 8-Box Traditional Kennel Layout

14x32 8-Box Traditional Kennel Layout


12x22 Traditional Kennel

Capacity: 4

  • "Clay" Vinyl Siding

At minimum, we highly recommend the pre-installed hose port.  It’s hard to put a value on having water conveniently at your fingertips right INSIDE the kennel!  So much better than standing outside in the rain/snow/sleet/dark filling a bucket of water from a far-away faucet or dragging a hose across the yard… reeling it up when your finished… or, leaving it lay until you need it again, then mowing around it… tripping over it… Ugh!  Our hose port is located INSIDE the kennel and allows easy connection to any hose.  If you have a hot water heater in the building, you can access hot AND cold water through the hose port.

You may also want to consider our stainless steel water nibble.  The wall mounted bracket allows dogs constant access to clean, fresh water.  The bracket is height adjustable so it works for any breed – short or tall.  The trigger and valve are corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel.  Water on-demand through the nibble eliminates dirty, messy bowls and spills.  Dogs learn to use it almost immediately.  We mount it over the (interior) dog box (optional) floor drain to catch any water dribbling onto the floor.

12x22 Traditional Kennel12x22 Traditional Kennel Layout



12x26 Traditional Box Kennel

Capacity: 7

  • "Clay" LP Smartside Painted Siding
  • "Hunter Green" Trim
  • "Weatherwood" Shingles

Shown with optional Glasbord™ in dog runs, (4) 24'' dog doors & 24x36 windows.

Regarding water on the floor… with dogs, that’s inevitable.  As mentioned earlier, our standard polyurea floor coating more than handles spills, dog waste and clean up.  If you want an extra layer of protection in your custom dog kennel, we have several options available.

Add a stainless steel wash down tray.  It’s perfectly sized to the dimensions of the interior dog box, easy to clean and lasts a lifetime.

Other advantages include:

  • Deters aggressive diggers
  • Prevents those dogs from digging the drain out of the floor
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Recommend using WITH our rubber mat

However, as good as they are, the trays have a few ‘cons’ to consider as well…

  • When used without the mat, the smooth metal tray’s cold surface provides no traction and there is the possibility a dog could be injured
  • Moisture could build up between the tray and the kennel floor causing issues
  • Recommended mats are heavy and difficult to maneuver making thorough cleaning difficult
12x26 Traditional Box Kennel12x26 Traditional Box Kennel Layout



12x24 Traditional Kennel

Capacity: 4

  • Painted LP Smartside Siding:  "Buckskin"
  • "White" Trim
  • "Charcoal" Shingles
  • Four Windows

Shown with optional deluxe dog doors.

Despite the drawbacks, there are certain situations where the tray and mat are indispensable.  Our 1” thick rubber kennel mats provide a durable, textured, non-slip surface that is comfortable for dogs and resistant to bacteria.  Pre-cut and installed at our shop for a perfect fit, custom sizes are also available with, or without, a cut-out for a drain.

A kennel drain is another vitally important option.  Our corrosion-resistant drains are made of 304 or 316 stainless steel.  At 40” long x 4” wide x 3” deep, a single drain can easily be shared across 2 kennels.  Drains installed in multi-dog kennels are all connected to a single 1”-1 ½” PVC pipe.  This pipe runs under the floor of the kennel and empties on the gable end.  Each drain comes with a ‘key’ to lift the metal faceplate in case of a clog.

12x26 Traditional Box Kennel12x24 Traditional Kennel Layout

12x24 Traditional Kennel 4-Box Layout

12x24 Traditional Kennel Layout

12x24 Traditional Kennel 6-Box Layout


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12x22 Traditional 6 Box Kennel

Capacity: 4

  • Painted LP Smartside Siding:  "Chestnut"
  • "Black" Trim
  • "Charcoal" Shingles

Shown with optional 11-Lite prehung door, 23x36 double pane windows & raised floor inside and out.

Drains are typically installed at the back of the interior box by the dog door rather than in the aisle.  We’ve found, when hosing down the kennel, it’s most effective to direct the water towards the outer wall.  The wall acts as a backstop and channels the water into the drain.  If the drain were located in the feed aisle or walkway, one would be ‘chasing’ water all over the kennel with a broom in an attempt to channel it toward the drain!

One more thing about the kennel drains… Remember the polyurea floor we talked about earlier?  Here’s another application where it really proves its worth.  This heavy-duty floor coating acts as a fantastic seal between the drain and the subfloor of the kennel.  It does a terrific job of keeping water entering the drain from seeping between the drain flange and the subfloor of the kennel.

12x22 Traditional 6 Box Kennel Layout


12x22 Traditional 6 Box Kennel
12x22 Traditional 6 Box Kennel Rear View of Shed and Box

12x18 Traditional Triple Kennel

Capacity: 3

  • LP Smartside Painted Siding:  "Beige"
  • "Black" Trim
  • "Charcoal" Shingles
  • "White" Door

Shown with optional drain and 24x36 windows

12x18 Traditional Triple Kennel Layout


12x18 Traditional Triple Kennel
12x18 Traditional Triple Kennel Rear View

10x28 Traditional Kennel

Capacity: 5

  • 3' Overhang
  • 10' Add On Run

Shown with optional "Light Stone" metal siding,  "Colonial Red" metal roof and trim, welded wire panels, gable vent & exhaust fan.

10x28 Traditional Kennel Layout


10x28 Traditional Kennel
10x28 Traditional Kennel Rear View

10x16 Traditional Kennel

Capacity: 4

  • Pine Board & Batten Siding
  • "Cedar" Stain
  • "Charcoal" Shingles
  • (4) 4x6 Runs
  • (4) 4x4 Boxes
  • 2 Windows

Shown with optional deluxe dog doors, optional electrical package with exterior switch & 24x36 windows.

Many of the prefab dog kennels pictured on our site show dog food and water dishes both inside in the dog box and outside in the dog run.  Each chew-proof stainless steel bowl has a generous 3-quart capacity.  They’re sanitary and easy to clean.

You may be thinking this is a frivolous option and that you’ll get your own bowls.  Hold that thought… Look closely and you’ll see that there’s more to these bowls then first meets the eye.  We’ve modified the panel – whether it be the run divider or the kennel gate – and included a welded on metal frame to hold the bowls in place.  Look even closer and you see a metal spring holding each bowl tightly in place.

Feeding time just got a whole lot easier!

Accessing the bowls from OUTSIDE the kennel = no more “fighting” hungry, rambunctious dogs!

No more spilled food or water = Reduce mess and waste!

Feeding time is FAST.  Simply go down the aisle with food and water – 1,2,3.  Everyone’s fed and watered in a snap.  No retrieving bowls from kennels.  All bowls held firmly in place – no tipping, sliding or slopping!

Clean up is quick, too.  Just unfasten the spring, the bowls slide out of the frame.  Snap back in just as quickly!

10x16 Traditional Kennel10x16 Traditional Kennel Layout

10x16 Traditional Kennel Layout

12x16 with 3' Feed Room

Also available in 12x16 with 3' Feed Room.


8x22 Kennel with 4' Overhang and 8x22 Add-On Run

Capacity: 6

  • 4' Overhang
  • 8x22 Add-On Run

Shown with optional "Beige" metal siding, "Brown" metal roof and turbine vent.

8x22 Kennel with 4' Overhang, 8x22 Add On Run Layout


8x22 Kennel with 4' Overhang, 8x22 Add On Run
8x22 Kennel with 4' Overhang, 8x22 Add On Run Rear View

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8x16 Double Combo Traditional Kennel

Capacity: 2

  • Pine Board & Batten Siding
  • "Cedar" Stain

Shown with optional "Forest Green" metal roof.

8x16 Double Combo Traditional Kennel Layout


8x16 Double Combo Traditional Kennel
8x16 Double Combo Traditional Kennel Rear View

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Standard Features

The quality features you can expect in our kennel's construction

  • Pressure Treated 2x4 Floor Joists

    Pressure Treated 2x4 Floor Joists

  • Trusscore

    Trusscore Interior Paneling

  • Decking on Runs

    Decking on Runs

  • Smartfloor


  • Shingle Roof

    Shingle Roof

  • R-11 Insulation

    R-11 Insulation

  • R-7 Spray Foam Floor

    R-7 Spray Foam Floor

  • p-t 4x4 runners

    Pressure Treated 4x4 Runners

  • Plexiglas Dog Doors with Stainless Edging

    Plexiglass Dog Doors with Stainless Edging

  • Finished Interior with Glassboard

    Finished Glasbord™ Interior 

  • Epoxy Floor

    Epoxy Floor

  • Entry Door

    Entry Door

  • Double pane windows

    Double Pane Windows (with screens)

  • Duratemp T-11 Painted

    LP Smartside Siding - Painted

  • Board and Batten Stained

    Pine Board and Batten Siding - Stained

  • Chainlink Panels

    Chainlink Panels
    (*run divider panels available as an upgrade)

Upgrade options (not shown here):

  • R-7 to R-21 Spray Foam Insulation on Floor
  • R-7 to R-21 Spray Foam Insulation in Walls and Ceilings

Door & Window Option - Painted to Your Specification

  • Standard 6 panel door

    Standard 6 Panel Door

  • Prehung Door

    Prehung Door

  • 11 Lite Door

    11-Lite Door

  • 9 Lite Door

    9-Lite Door

  • Vent Lite Door

    Vent Lite Door

  • 36x36 Sliding Window with screen

    36x36 Sliding Window with Screen

  • 36x36 Sliding Window with screen

    Wash Tub - A Kennel MUST-HAVE

  • Stainless Steel Automatic Water Bowl

    Stainless Steel Automatic Water Bowl

  • Hose Port

    Hose Port

  • Stainless Steel Adjustable water nibble bracket with nibble

    Stainless Steel Adjustable
    Water Nibble with Bracket

  • Stainless Steel Feeder Bowls

    Stainless Steel Feeder Bowls

Housing Options

  • Stainless Steel Wash Down Tray

    Stainless Steel Wash-Down Tray

  • Rubber Mat

    Rubber Mat

  • Glassboard


  • PVC Truss Core Panel

    PVC Truss Core Panel

  • 40'' Long Stainless Steel Drain

    40'' Long Stainless Steel Drain

  • Plexiglas Dog Doors

    Plexiglas Dog Doors

  • Cathedral Ceiling

    Cathedral Ceiling

  • Inside Kennel Divider Panel 4' High Solid Azek

    Inside Kennel Divider Panel 4' High Solid Azek

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized 6-Ga Welded Wire Panels

    Hot Dipped Galvanized 6-Ga Welded Wire Panels

  • Tenderfoot Wire

    Tenderfoot Wire

Stain Colors
  • Brown Cedar

    Brown Cedar

  • Cedar


  • Clear


  • Natural


  • Rustic-Cedar

    Rustic Cedar

Paint Colors
  • Paint Colors White


  • Paint Colors Avocado


  • Paint Colors Beige


  • Paint Colors Black


  • Paint Colors Buckskin


  • Paint Colors Chestnut


  • Paint Colors Clay


  • Paint Colors Cream


  • Paint Colors Dark Gray

    Dark Gray

  • Paint Colors Dark Blue

    Dark Blue

  • Paint Colors Hunter Green

    Hunter Green

  • Paint Colors Light Blue

    Light Blue

  • Paint Colors Light Gray

    Light Gray

  • Paint Colors Navajo White

    Navajo White

  • Paint Colors Red


Metal Roofing & Siding Colors
  • Metal Roofing - Red


  • Metal Roofing - Green


  • Metal Roofing - White


  • Ash Gray

    Ash Gray

  • Avocado Green

    Avocado Green

  • Barn Red

    Barn Red

  • Beige


  • Black


  • Bone White

    Bone White

  • Bright White

    Bright White

  • Bronze


  • Brown


  • Burgundy


  • Charcoal


  • Clay


  • Dark Blue

    Dark Blue

  • Gallery Blue

    Gallery Blue

  • Evergreen


  • Light Stone

    Light Stone

  • Patina Green

    Patina Green

  • Pewter Gray

    Pewter Gray

  • Scarlet Red

    Scarlet Red

  • Slate Blue

    Slate Blue

  • Tan


Shingle Colors
  • Cedar


  • Cedar Shakes

    Cedar Shakes (*extra charge)

  • Charcoal


  • Forest Green

    Forest Green

  • Nickel Gray

    Nickel Gray

  • Walnut Brown

    Walnut Brown

  • Weather Gray

    Weather Gray

  • Williamsburg Slate

    Williamsburg Slate

Vinyl Colors
  • White


  • Pearl


  • Cream


  • Mist


  • Almond


  • Tan


  • Clay


  • Olive


  • Gray


  • Flint


  • Blue


Temp Control, Electrical, Vent and Exhaust
  • Electrical package

    Electrical Package

  • Radiant Floor Heat System

    Radiant Floor Heat System

  • Elite gable vent

    Elite Gable Vent

  • Vent


  • Exhaust fan

    Exhaust Fan

  • 5000 BTU AC Unit

    5000 BTU AC Unit

  • Floor Heat Thermometer

    Floor Heat Thermometer

  • Solar Package

    Solar Package

  • Horse Weathervane

    Horse Weathervane

  • Rooster weathervane

    Rooster Weathervane

  • Cupola



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See the Interior

Interior Kennel Comparisions

Interior View 10x28
Interior View 10x28

Interior View of 10x28 with 3' overhang, 8x10 lobby, 6x20 add-on runs and "Weatherwood" shingles. Showing optional 11-Lite arch door, "Sage" vinyl siding, wood trim package, and welded wire panels.

Interior View 14x32
Interior View 14x32

Interior view of 14x32 showing optional raised floor, feeder bowls, 4' high solid divider, welded wire panels, NEW stainless steel wash-down trays in dog boxes.

Interior View 15x36
Interior View 15x36

Interior view of 15x36. 7-run kennel with 6x11 lobby. Showing optional 6-gauge welded wire panels.

Interior View 10x28
Interior View 10x28

Interior view of 10x28 5-run kennel with 3' overhang and 10' add-on runs. Showing welded wire panels and exhaust fan.


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